Christmas Day

We're OPEN Christmas Day!

For over 15 years, our Doncaster restaurant has welcomed LOVELY families through its doors to celebrate Christmas Day in the most festive way.

Christmas Day Menu

Christmas Day is a day to indulge, so we're not going to restrict you to a set menu - instead making as many of your favourites available while still providing the LOVELY service you deserve.

Choices such as our famous Fresh Strawberries, Traditional Bacon and Eggs and Chicken Parmigiana will be available for you to enjoy, however if you feel a little adventurous, you can try our Christmas Day Specials!

Pancake Parlour Christmas Day Menu


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550 Doncaster Road, Doncaster

Christmas Day Specials
 Traditional Turkey

Tender slices of turkey breast topped with traditional gravy,served on two silver dollar potato pancakes with cranberry sauce and a side salad plus a side order of sweet potato cottage fries.

Salmon Benedict 

A buckwheat pancake topped with smoked salmon, two soft-poached free-range eggs and smothered in warm hollandaise sauce.